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We are a team of experienced outdoorsmen providing a full range of services for those looking to access the remote places of Nevada's back country. We offer fully guided big game hunts, pack-trips, drop camps and more. Whether from the jeep or on horseback (or muleback), we will get you there and back no matter where the adventure takes you! 



Kevin Servatius has been guiding in Nevada for 24 years. He has completed his Nevada Slam and was fortunate to take two Desert Bighorns, a Rocky and a California Bighorn. He has assisted clients on over 40 successful bighorn sheep hunts. He enjoys guiding all trophy species in Nevada including Bighorn, Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope. He is a Huntin’ Fool Endorsed Outfitter. Kevin operates Nevada Custom Hunts LLC and offers hunt planning and pre-hunt scouting for those of you who like to do it yourself. He also provides guide services or fully outfitted hunts for all Nevada trophy species.

Rick Edney has been hunting all over Nevada since his early teens. He has assisted scores of hunters realize their dreams of tagging trophy Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Pronghorn. As a member of Nevada Outfitters and Guides Association he holds himself to the highest ethical standards concerning hunting and guiding. Rick is also an accomplished horseman and muleskinner. He feels that the only thing better than an elk rack strapped to the top of his Jeep is a rack strapped to the back of his mule. He started Battle Born Outfitters LLC to provide quality, one-on-one service to hunters just like him.

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